Looking for something good to have at your event?

Here at SOMETHINGOOD we create custom designed event wall backdrops for any type of event. Whether it be a wedding, baby shower, rehearsal dinner, corporate event, or birthday party we are your main source for a functional touch of creativity and class.

Let’s Collaborate

We believe in turning your dream celebration into a celebrated reality. Every event no matter how big or how small has its own story. We want to help envision your beginning, create your middle, and be your number one spectator at the end!

Together we will come up with the perfect customized color, sign, and accessories to create your dream backdrop.

Not quite sure where to start? Leave the creativity work to us! We will work with your colors, inspiration boards, planner, and create SOMETHINGOOD


The diversity, functionality, and structure of our panels are what make our products a must have for any event.

  • Each standard wall panel is 4′ long x 7′ tall x 2½’ wide
  • Panels connect to create any width dimension you need
  • Panel height extenders create any additional height you need

Event Wall Uses:

  • Photo Wall for gorgeous wedding guest pictures
  • Backdrop for Wedding Cake, Presents & Guest Book Tables
  • Sweetheart Table backdrop
  • Gender Reveals, Baby Showers, Rehearsal Dinners
  • Corporate Events, Booth Displays
  • Venue Border/Divider
  • Conceal unwanted photographed areas (i.e. bathrooms, kitchen areas, service staff entrances and exits, etc.) 



I’m Sarah. Your Creative Designer, Goldendoodle Lover, Plant Momma, Event Wall Enthusiast. You may never meet someone else like me who has a huge passion for wood on a wall but it’s what we create on that wall that keeps me inspired and coming back for more. We are all in this creative industry to make beauty out of bareness.

I have been in the Hospitality Industry in Charleston for over 8 years, gaining amazing experience in the multitude of incredible companies established here in the Lowcountry. SOMETHINGOOD has been brewing in my soul from every reservation I’ve booked, table I’ve served, flower arrangement I’ve created, décor I’ve built, and drink I’ve made. With SOMETHINGOOD I have now stepped into my true self, my real comfort zone.

We hope our product exceeds expectations, our teamwork is evident, and our passion shines through all, to provide you with a service that is as unforgettable as your event.

I am so excited to get to work on your project!





Phone:  508-317-1409